I enjoy my home gym

A positive outlook is crucial in all areas of life.

Happy people are more productive.

A good attitude is essential to a job well done. This is something I’ve learned, although some of the bosses I’ve had didn’t seem to understand the concept. When we head out on a long family trip, keeping the kids entertained and happy in the backseat makes the vacation way more enjoyable for everyone. A cheerful mindset makes for better results no matter what I am doing. This belief has carried over into my exercise habits as well. Once I made some improvements to my home gym, I was more willing to workout. Having a more comfortable and well-equipped gym has translated into better results! Along with investing into some new equipment, such as a comfortable weight bench and treadmill, I added a surround sound system. I have made a specialized workout Spotify playlist that gets me motivated. I have specific songs that are ideal for weight lifting or stretching and others that are better suited to high intensity cardio. With the music blasting, I’m able to clear my mind of work responsibilities and everyday concerns. I get rid of stress and focus totally on the exercise. Because of this, I get more out of it and enjoy it more. I tend to spend more time in the home gym and push myself further. I now look forward to the daily training session. It’s when I get to be selfish and alleviate stress. I am very happy with the results. They motivate me to continue.

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