I guess my brother is no longer the king of energy saving tips

For a long time, my brother was always telling my parents about different energy saving tips.

They learned that cooking outside on the grill helps in the summer and it also helps to use appliances like microwaves or toasters to not overheat the kitchen when the AC system is working.

They called my brother the king of energy saving tips, which I thought was annoying. He was just looking at online blogs and finding energy saving tips that way. Then one time, I told my parents that there was an obvious energy saving tip that they were missing out on. My brother narrowed his eyes and said he pretty much had them all covered. When nobody was able to guess what the energy saving tip was, I said that my parents should be using energy efficient light bulbs, preferably the LED kind. My mother then exclaimed that she had friends who used LED light bulbs and she heard they were saving a large amount of money on their energy bills. When my brother said he bet there was nothing else I could come up with, I pointed out that my parents were using an old dial thermostat when they could be using a smart thermostat which is proven to lower your energy bills by as much as 15 percent. My father’s eyes just about bulged out of his head, and he thanked me for the energy saving tips and immediately got on the phone with the HVAC company to talk to them about smart thermostats. There are countless energy saving tips out there, you just have to seek them out.

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