I had the skills, but not the schooling for the HVAC work

From the time I was about seven years old, my mother had me working with her… My mother owned the local Heating plus Air Conditioning dealer, plus she had no issue with taking me with her when she went on some of her calls.

At first I was nothing more than her gopher! She would have me run for whatever tools she was in need of or whatever parts she needed out of the repair van… By the time I was 13, I was pretty well built.

I had no fat on my body, but I was strong. All the actual work that my mother had given me to do over those years, had me able to do more than most others who were twice my age. At that point, my mother was teaching me how to install gas heating devices plus air conditioner units. I already knew how to repair both A/C plus heating systems, plus I was able to repair a large variety of the Heating plus Air Conditioning systems that were out there… When I eventually became 18, I wanted to get a job as a Heating plus Air Conditioning device worker. I couldn’t easily believe how difficult it was to get a job just because I did not have the proper training. My mother told me that if I wanted to toil as an apprentice for a year, she would send me to Heating plus Air Conditioning device school while doing the apprenticeship plus then I could get my certification. So, I was ready to go to school to learn all the things that I already knew. It did not seem un-biased to me, however at least I was going to be able to do the work of a Heating plus Air Conditioning professional.

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