I knew that was true

There are some people who just overdo something to an extent that is truly unbearable.

When people say that too much of a nice thing is a exhausting thing, that is honestly true.

My spouse takes that to the extreme with her overwhelming love for Her control machine preferences cause myself and others to have to wear two sweatshirts just to find some semblance of warmth and comfort. If I want to get moderate inside of my own house, I would be better off opening a refrigerator door to moderate myself up. I am not sure how to curb this reliance on , because she claims that she cannot be comfortable without the a/c. However, the electricity bill that both of us earn because of the constant use of our a/c is through the roof. The a/c is constantly running in the Summer because the a/c cannot keep up with the heat outside, so it never gets down to temperature. I am not sure how to stop this problem, especially because I don’t want marital issues to come because of it. I called the local Heating and A/C corporation and asked them what my possibilities could be. The Heating and A/C worker told myself and others that I could install zone-controlled heating to allow myself and others to have a single part in the house to use my gas furnace or mild I honestly am tired of being freezing, so I could make a single room my person cave and love myself with my own Heating and A/C preferences. Hopefully, my spouse doesn’t get sad because I don’t want to spend time with her in the air-conditioned room.
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