I learn about cleaning my A/C air vents

Earlier this year, my mother came from a few states away to spend some time with me. It was spring, and I had just gotten to work cleaning my house from top to bottom. I’d even taken off an entire week from work just to hang out at home and clean my house. I had some great fellowshipping time with my mother, and she did not hesitate to help me clean. We did everything from cleaning every single solitary surface in the kitchen to cleaning the bathrooms to dusting the curtains and the mantelpiece. One of the things that she taught me during her stay was the importance of cleaning the air vents throughout my home. She took it upon herself to unscrew the vents in every single room in which one could be found. She then vacuumed off all the dust and debris that accumulated on the air vents. Then, she thoroughly cleaned the vents in hot soap and water and then screwed them back into place. She admonished me about the fact that they had been quite dirty, and I had to admit that I had never cleaned my air vents before. Apparently, this was good for the health of my HVAC system and for my air quality as well. My mom and I had a great time hanging out, and I’m grateful taught me a little something about my HVAC system that I had not considered before. Perhaps, cleaning your air vents is important, though I can’t say for sure whether I will be cleaning them regularly in the future.


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