I learned how to void a HVAC warranty

Learning how to deal with your limitations is just as important as maximizing your strengths.

That’s true in just about every facet of life, but it’s not always a simple thing to do.

And it’s particularly hard to see, accept and adapt to your limitations if you can’t see them, but clearly, when it came to the heating and air conditioning unit, I wasn’t paying attention to the reality of my limitations. I’ve been interested in machines since I was little. I’d take broken stuff and slip out of the central air conditioner to the basement where I had a sort of workbench. There, I would carefully dismantle the broken item in order to understand how it went together. I followed that passion and am now working as an engineer, and while I have a lot of training and superb mechanical understanding, I have my limitations, then for one, I’m not a trained, licensed and certified heating and air conditioning specialist and I know this. But when I came home to find a heat pump running but no cooling coming from the air ducts, I decided to solve the problem. And that’s the way I come at things. Yet, I also know that you simply can’t solve problems without the proper tools. I didn’t have the proper training or actual tools to diagnose and repair the residential heating and air conditioning. Still, I persisted until I ended up shutting down the entire heating and air conditioning unit. That’s when I finally called the heating and air conditioning business for assistance. And that’s when I found out that my messing around had voided the warranty on my heating and air conditioning equipment.

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