I learned the importance of cleaning my A/C vents

Recently, my mother confronted me with a question that I had really not asked before. Is it necessary to clean the various air vents that are placed throughout your home? My mother had decided to come visit me for a week to get away from it all and relax with her daughter. I was more than happy to accommodate her. I had also taken a few days off of work to do some spring cleaning around the house. It was a welcome respite from my own stressful job to simply hang out at home for half the day and clean during the other half. My mom was gracious enough to assist me in cleaning my home. That is where the air vents come into play. While I was cleaning up in another room, she had apparently unscrewed one of the air vents in the living room and had set about cleaning it thoroughly by vacuuming it and cleaning it down with hot soap and water. I was surprised to find her cleaning my air vents, which I had not considered was necessary. Mom wasn’t happy that she had found them extremely filthy and told me that it was very important to clean the air vents. It was good for the health of my HVAC system, and it prevented excess dust and debris from floating around the air of my home. At the least, I had to concede that she had a point about how dirty the air vents were. She then set about cleaning the rest of the vents for me. I really appreciated the gesture, and I really think I will be cleaning them moving forward.


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