I like spending hurricanes in hotels

I live in the southern part of the country and we have a tropical temperature nearly all year long.

We are also in the hurricane zone, so each year, during hurricane season, we are on the alert, because we can never be sure when the next storm is going to affect us.

There are times when a storm comes very close to our coast, and we feel some of the effects, and there are other times when a storm will completely miss us. However, rarely, we do have some storms that directly impact us. In such cases, evacuation is advised by the local authorities. However, when a storm is coming through the area, but it’s not going to directly impact us, the advice is simply to shelter-in-place. That place to shelter in is up to personal preference, but I have decided that the best place to stay during a hurricane is a hotel. If you’re not evacuating the area, a hotel is great, because they often have a means of keeping the electricity running during a storm. I typically lose power in my area during a storm, even when it is somewhat mild, so I really appreciate the benefit of having the air conditioning running in a hotel room as opposed to being hot in my house with no power. Air conditioning is definitely my top priority when dealing with a storm. I have other options if I really want them. I have an uncle who lives nearby that has a generator. I could crash at his place during a hurricane, but he typically only uses the generator to keep his refrigerator and freezer running. I’d much rather stay at a hotel with the benefit of a comforting air conditioner.



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