I live with my parents and I like it

When I graduated from college, I decided to live at home with my parents for a while.

Even though it is quite normal to move in with your parents while you are getting started, I didn’t necessarily expect to be living at home for 3 years, and yet, I am still here! While I have a great job and could afford my own place, the fact is that I legitimately love living with my parents, not to mention the affordability of it.

For example, I was upstairs working the other day when I heard my father on a call with an HVAC technician. He usually calls the HVAC technician if there is a problem with the gas furnace. From my room, I could hear his conversation with the technician. Lately, the heating we were having a problem with maintaining steady heating throughout the house. From the conversation, I could hear that the price for a new gas furnace, which was likely what we needed, was going to be at least a few thousand dollars. This wasn’t including the manual labor costs as well as all of the other things that go into this process, and my father wasn’t even fazed by this price. I guess he is just used to paying all the expenses that come with owning a home.However, to hear that from my perspective was shocking, as losing that much currency on a single Heating as well as Air Conditioning repair would leave me bankrupt. I guess I might stick around for another year considering how pricey it can be to live on your own. I don’t think my parents will have an issue with me staying and saving money.


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