I love working from home

I’m so grateful my employers have decided that those who wish to continue to work from home after the pandemic are entirely allowed to do so! During the covid-19 pandemic, when most if not all of the employees at my company were forced to work at home, I discovered that I really enjoyed working from home.

  • I got to set my own hours, I got to enjoy the comfort of setting my preferred temperature on the thermostat, and I have to say that I actually became more productive, not less productive.

I feel really bad for those people who had to return to a physical work location after the pandemic. Many of them missed working from home so much that they decided to quit their jobs. I think more companies should realize that working from home may just be more beneficial for their employees. One of the things that I couldn’t stand about working at a physical office was the long commute to work in the morning. I really am enjoying the benefit of my air conditioning system as I work from home these days. The summer heat has been quite scorching, and it’s nice to be cool and comfortable as I get my tasks done. One thing that is mildly annoying to me is that my neighbor’s air conditioner system is rapidly cycling on and off, and because their house is right next door, I hear it making noise constantly. I had to wear noise canceling earphones in order to block out this distraction. At least, now that it’s getting cooler outside, because fall is approaching. I’m actually able to bring my laptop outside to a peaceful and quiet location and enjoy the weather while I work. I see no downsides whatsoever to working from home, that’s for sure!

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