I Should Be Better About HVAC maintenance

I am not skilled at upkeep for any of my appliances.

I never drain the water gas furnace and from time to time forget to wipe the lint trap in the dryer.

I don’t take care of the aerators on the faucets until there’s barely any water pressure. I fail to have the oil changed in my automobile until the warning lights on the dash have been blinking at me. I’m equally awful at keeping up with the care of the a/c. When the cooling method was installed, the corporation who installed it, strongly recommended that I sign up for a preventative service program. She said that the corporation would get in touch with me every year and remind me to schedule upkeep for the cooling equipment. It sounded like a pretty decent idea, but I never got around to entirely completing the paperwork, and unfortunately, I neglected the necessary air filter cleaning and never set up routine service for the a/c; Six years later, I started having some problems with the system. There was hardly any air coming from the vents! No matter how low I turned the setting on the control unit, the home felt boiling and sticky. The a/c was running all day long, using up a tremendous amount of energy and my electric bills were astronomical! Plus, the air a/c smelled musty and gave me a headache. I should have immediately called for repair or at least maintenance of the a/c. I put it off until the a/c quickly quit. When the home became uncomfortable and hot, I finally tied up service. The specialist took the a/c apart and showed me the insides. It was super disgusting. There was a thick coating of wet dust all over the components. There was mold thriving on the coil and mildew growing in the condensate drain.


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