I was confused when she said she wanted her AC unit repaired.

My mother called me last week and asked if I could repair her AC unit.

It was still winter and I couldn’t figure out why she needed to have her AC unit repaired.

I tried to remind her that it was still cold outside and she shouldn’t be using the air conditioning. She asked what I was talking about and told me she needed her furnace repaired, but she also wanted to have her air conditioning unit cleaned and serviced. She didn’t think it was ever too early to be prepared at this time of year. Here where we lived, it was possible to have winter temperature one day, and near summer temperatures on the next day. She wanted to be prepared for everything. I promised to call the HVAC company and make arrangements for them to come to the house. I asked if she had any heat right now, and she said it was just some odd noises and odors coming from the air ducts, but it had her worried. Before leaving the house, I made the phone call for mom. I was heading out the door when my work phone rang. My boss was telling me he had an emergency that only I could handle. I knew exactly where I was going even before he said anything. I told him I had made the phone call about a furnace repair and air conditioning unit service and cleaning. I had called for my mom and I would go there before coming into the office. I love being an HVAC technician, but it would have been easier if mom had just told me she needed this done when I was at her house for dinner the day before.



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