I was excited to finally get a smart thermostat

Well it’s official.

  • The method that I am some sort of indestructible, super lucky guy has now been debunked.

For the longest time, I have avoided injury while pursuing activities that are also quite high risk. Even our friends would comment that I never got the worst of it in a disinfecting or a fall or whatever. Somehow, I just barely avoided the massive injury. Now, I’m flat on our back in the A/C due to a pretty significant injury. All those near misses finally caught up to me. And I’m just hoping our 45 year old body will heal properly plus abruptly. In the meantime, there is nothing to do but get better. I live alone but I have multiple friends plus family who help me out. They get me from physical therapy. The rest of the time I’m entirely just kneeling around in the A/C. And this is 1 of those things that I dreaded. There is nothing more boring or painfully mind numbing than having to do nothing while my injured body heals. Other than the pain plus anguish of physical therapy, I’m not allowed to do anything but heal. At least I have great heating, ventilation, plus A/C component plus all the heating, ventilation, plus A/C cooling I need. I’m also lucky that I chose to have a smart control component installed. The smart control component came with an app for our phone. I honestly hadn’t explored it until I got disfigured. But it’s nice to be able to adjust the control component from our bed or the couch. Just an added bonus from the smart control component that’s honestly making a difference.

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