I work more efficiently when I am alone

Throughout most of the day, I work by myself.

I prefer to be alone throughout the day and I think that I work much more efficiently.

One of the reasons why I decided to take a job as an HVAC service technician is due to the fact that I would not have to work in an office and be surrounded by people all of the time. I don’t like being around people much at all. When I am done working at the HVAC service center, I go back to my apartment and spend time with my cat. I like to play video games online. I have a couple of friends that play games with me every single night. I prefer to have online friends for video games instead of having a bunch of people at my house. I also have a thing about germs and a bunch of people would cause a lot of germs in my home. Since I work at the HVAC service center, I get a really good deal on a huge air purifier that works great in my apartment. Most people have to rent the commercial air purifier, but I get to use the air purifier for free. I only have to pay for the cost of the electricity and the air filters that need to be changed every 30 days. My mom also has an air purifier in her home and it has a UV light and a carbon filter.. She pays $5 every day for the machine. It’s the best deal that I could get, because most people have to pay $17 every day.

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