Injury affects workouts

I make a point to workout every day no matter what. My exercise program is definitely strenuous, and I always push myself to improve strength, stamina and flexibility. It’s important to me that I maintain peak physical condition. I am determined to keep a healthy weight and stay active as I grow older! Because of the demands of my workouts and a series of physically challenging hobbies, I’ve dealt with my share of injuries. I sprained an ankle when rock climbing. I broke my arm due to a rollerblading accident. I messed up my knee while skiing and pulled muscles due to weight lifting. I often deal with soreness in my various joints and muscles. The worst injury I’ve ever dealt with was pulling my psoas muscle. The psoas muscle is situated in the lower back and travels through the pelvis to the femur. It takes care of flexing the hip joint and lifting the upper leg. The pain was so intense that I cried and considered heading to the emergency room. I had no idea what was wrong or how I’d hurt myself so badly. It took a while for the pain to settle in. I googled why the pain extended from my spine all the way down to my knee. I had a hard time even walking. Sitting was painful, and I couldn’t manage the stairs. I found it impossible to sleep soundly at night. The healing process was long and aggravating. My workouts were restricted to working my upper body. It required several before I could ease back into normal exercise. I know that part of the problem was that I kept trying to use the leg before it was fully ready.