It feels like the summer season has been a really long fall season. It was still warm enough for the children to play outside. I watch them play while I stay inside and work. I keep the door open so I can hear them. Even though it was not warm we kept our air conditioning on. We kept it a little cooler than the temperature outside. It was always relaxing. My kids like to come out of the warm shower and feel the cold air. Our dishwasher can make the house warm along with how much I cook. The air we keep on in our house evens out the warmth we put in. When I received my tune up in the fall, my HVAC technician was confused. He asked if I had the air conditioning on. I told him I still had it running. He told me the HVAC unit was not on. There was nothing running. I started to become confused as well. He looked at the HVAC unit thinking it may have broken. I did not think this was possible since our home has been cool. It turned out the HVAC unit was broken. There were several parts that had been worn out and stopped working. It had been such a cool summer I had not even noticed. He told me that there was probably a lot of wear and tear on the HVAC equipment. That is why it seems so sudden that there are parts that need to be replaced. He told me that by having so much hot air in the house, the HVAC system has to work harder. It puts a lot of wear and tear on the equipment. In cooler weather, turn the air off and open your windows.

Unknown compressor repair


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