It had been a stunning week, but I still needed my furnace repaired.

The past week had been picture perfect for our area.

Spring was normally quite erratic.

One day it was snowing and the next it would be raining. We had a lot of wind and dreary days on end. Last week was an amazing week. Every day was in the low sixties and the sun was shining so brightly that I had to find my sunglasses. I was beginning to like the weather so much that when I saw the weather report on Saturday evening; I got angry. I had planned on having my furnace repaired, but the weather made me forget all about it. The weather report was calling for a terrible snowstorm during midweek. I angrily grabbed my cell phone and called the HVAC company. I told them I was having some problems with my furnace and I needed to have it repaired. The HVAC company wasn’t sure they could get me on the list before the snowstorm, but they were going to try. I couldn’t believe we had such a stunning week, and I still needed my furnace repaired before winter arrived again. The next afternoon, I got a phone call from the HVAC company. The girl asked if I was going to be home that afternoon. They had an opening and could send an HVAC technician to the house to repair my furnace. I wasn’t happy with it, but I decided to take the afternoon off work and wait for the HVAC technician. Is it wrong of me to pray that the snowstorm doesn’t happen and the furnace won’t be needed until next winter?
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