It’s been difficult not being a certified HVAC tech

When I initially started my Heating & Air Conditioning equipment corporation I didn’t have certification.

A vast majority of the Heating & Air Conditioning equipment workers that I hired had no certifications. I’m not saying that I didn’t recognize we should eventually have certifications however it just wasn’t super important at that time. After several weeks of working for me, I was sending my Heating & Air Conditioning equipment techs to strange types of school so they could be certified as AC specialists, heating specialists, or air duct specialists. I wanted to make sure I had at least 1 specialist to cover basically anything that would come up in our Heating & Air Conditioning equipment corporation. The only thing that was missing for me, was someone who would be able to go into a current property and help people decide what type of Heating & Air Conditioning equipment would be best for their homes. I needed a Heating & Air Conditioning contractor. Not being a certified Heating & Air Conditioning serviceman, I thought this would be a superb thing for myself and others to get into. I looked into getting classes in becoming a contractor, and I certainly took several of those classes. Regrettably, being a contractor definitely was not something I truly wished to do. I was only trying to repair the heating and cooling equipment. Now, I am back to the start, and hoping that I can talk 1 of my service experts into going back to school and getting their Heating & Air Conditioning corporation license. I’m quite positive that I can get at least 1 of my Heating & Air Conditioning techs to go back to school, especially once I tell them that I’m going to pay for them doing that. Knowing that I have a tech who can measure properties, look around the property, and get the input from the purchaser and help them make an informed decision on what type of Heating & Air Conditioning equipment they need will be a real plus for me.



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