Just Got Caught in a Heavy Summer Thunderstorm

Wow, our town has surely emptied out over the past week or so as August is coming to an end and school starts soon.

Tomorrow is the first of September and this is the day when even more people will go home to get ready for the school year for them or their kids.

My days will change from playing volleyball each day to playing music in clubs and bars, so I am going to start looking for a club to perform at and switch gears for the changing seasons. I’ll look for a good local business that is eager to run a weekly show and see if we can get some traction with it. I miss performing on the stage, it’s exhilarating. I will also work more for the heating and cooling corp this winter to get a little buffer in the bank. I have about $5K in cryptos and a little extra in the bank but that is about all I have to my name. I really don’t need a lot of money to live though, as I live a very simple lifestyle. Today I am going to clean my HVAC system, along with the HEPA filter, and get it ready for the shift to winter and heating. I have a furnace filter that also needs to be cleaned, but I already did so at the end of the winter so it doesn’t need to be cleaned just yet. Since today is such a rainy day I think I will spend the day cleaning the flat and shopping for food.
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