Keeping myself fit

Physical fitness has a different meaning for everyone. To me, it entails a higher quality of life. I didn’t care all that much about looking thin or building big muscles. I have no interest in running a marathon. I just want to be healthy. I hope to live longer, sleep better and avoid physical ailments. For many years now, I have been dedicated to my workout routine. I push myself to gain the best possible results from the time I devote to exercise. My physical fitness is one of the main priorities in my life. I have never considered signing up for a gym membership. Although I see the advantage of access to such a wide range of modern equipment, it’s not necessary for me. There seem to be a lot of people who are at the gym for the wrong reasons. They want to socialize or be seen. They want to tweet that they are at the gym. I prefer to workout without an audience or interruption. I often go for a 10 mile run for my workout or ride my bike. I like to do old-fashioned exercises such as push-ups, pull-ups or ab crunches. Because the weather in my local area forces me indoors for the majority of the year, I’ve outfitted my home gym with a stationary bike, treadmill, weight bench, free weights, kettlebells, yoga mat, jump rope and resistance bands. I am currently saving for battle ropes. I have everything I need to keep myself in peak condition. I believe that it’s mainly about will-power.



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