Let’s get the beach house

Lately, I have been doing something I call beach house hopping around here.

I don’t genuinely plan on staying in this area long term, however, I don’t guess I am ready to leave yet either, as I still have a lot of things to plan out.

So, I have been happily jumping from 1 beach house to another. These apartments are nice because it is short term housing at this point, plus can be as little as a day! I usually stay for at least a week, but lately, I already have been staying slightly longer, at month to month rentals, plus they work fine as well. I definitely could constantly do what almost everyone else will do, plus choose 1 furnished living space long term, plus stay there for however long I needed, but I entirely love going through all sorts of odd temporary housing, because I end up studying a lot in the whole process. I am currently in my 5th modern apartment, plus this venue is really my best choice yet. It is a fully furnished rental, so I can crash plus stay here for a little until the end of the term, plus then leave when I need to, no hassle of moving furniture necessarily. I have learned to spot the best and most affordable apartments due to being in so many. One of the things I learned is that I work best when I am in a furnished beach house for rent. Whether it be totally furnished homes for rent or furnished apartments, I genuinely love the fact that it is similar to staying at a hotel. Furniture is already there, I can make myself at lake beach house without going and wasting time by moving in plus out furniture.
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