Lighting damage to HVAC

My dad is an insurance adjuster and he loves his job so much.

He loves being able to interact with his customers every day and getting out of the house to go on health calls.

Most people would not like going out on house calls and having to walk through other peoples homes all day, but my dad loves it. He has always been a people person and loves helping people out whenever he can. However, last week he told me he had a rather challenging case where a woman was trying to lie to him about the damage to her HVAC unit. He told me that this woman was trying to claim she had lightning damage to her HVAC unit and my father told me this was almost impossible. My father told me that lighting damage on your HVAC system is almost as impossible as being struck down by lightning. I had a good laugh at the thought of this woman trying to claim she had lighting damage done to her HVAC unit and my father clearly knew that this was not the case. I guess this woman was trying to get extra money out of her insurance company which is definitely illegal. I think my dad is such a great guy and he was able to sort things out without having to involve any law-enforcement. We’re getting anyone else involved that would potentially put this woman away in jail.


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