Losing weight for my wedding

She incorporated weight training into our program to tone my muscles

Once my boyfriend proposed, I started planning the wedding. There were a lot of tasks and details to organize. My boyfriend and I decided on a big, traditional ceremony. That required a venue capable of handling our extensive guest list. We wanted a spacious, comfortable and charming setting. I handled the vetting of caterers and chose the wedding cake. I spent hours researching photographers, florists and music options. I debated way too long over the font and weight of paper for the invitations. When I shopped for my wedding dress, I expected the decision would be quick and straightforward. I assumed I’d try on some different styles and find the one I looked the best in. I was looking forward to checking the dress off my list. However, as I tried on the various styles of dresses and posed in front of the mirror, I wasn’t satisfied with anything. I recognized that the problem wasn’t the fault of the type of dress. I didn’t look beautiful because I’d gained a considerable amount of weight and had allowed myself to get soft all over. My arms were flabby. My tummy created a sizable bulge. My waist looked thick and even my neck was a problem. Even my cleavage couldn’t save me. With 12 months until the ceremony, I decided to get in shape. I researched and found a local fitness center where I could take advantage of personal training. I arranged to meet with the personal trainer four mornings per week. On my free days, I worked out on my own at the fitness center. At the first training session, I explained my weight loss plan to the personal trainer. She suggested that I alter my diet, concentrate on cardio exercise and focus on changing my lifestyle. She advocated long term goals for better health and fitness. She incorporated weight training into our program to tone my muscles. By the time of the wedding ceremony, I felt like a new person.

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