Making my friend take care of his own broken down HVAC system

We all have that one friend that is completely irresponsible and unreliable. I have one of those friends and I can never count on him to do anything. It is very aggravating most of the time too. When I need him he’s not around but when it is convenient for him only. I do not know if he realizes this even. He does not take care of his things wither. He just had an issue in his house last week. He wanted me to fix it. I told him I would not do it. I did not do it because I was tired of catering to him. I also did not do it because I did not know how. He wanted me to fix his HVAC system. He has asked me to do this so many things. His system always breaks down. He never takes proper care of it. I do not think he knows what a tune up actually is. He does not take the time to change or clean his filters. He lets it get so bad that he just lets someone else take care of it. Last time I even made the call for him to a local HVAC business. I was not going to that either. I left him a number to call. I made him do it. he needs to learn on his own. The HVAC business is so easy to work with. The technicians are always there to help. They do all the work for you. He does not even have to do anything but make an appointment.

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