Mom teaches me to clean my air vents

Earlier this year, my mother came to visit me for a couple of weeks.

I was more than welcoming to her, and she had a fun relaxing time hanging out with me.

At that time, I had a few days off of work, and I was doing some spring cleaning around the house. I was very grateful that my mother had decided to help me with the various tasks that I had set about doing to prepare the house for the summer. We were vacuuming and scrubbing down every surface and dusting here and there. We had a good time fellowshipping as we scoured my home from top to bottom. However, she also did something for me that I really hadn’t done before. She insisted that my air vents should be cleaned. She unscrewed them and meticulously scrubbed them down with soap and water. Then she vacuumed the air vents making sure that every speck of dust and debris was removed from them entirely. She explained that this was a way to increase the health of one’s HVAC system and the air quality of one’s home. I’m not entirely sure if all this was true, but I knew that I was benefiting from it. I can’t say for sure whether or not I will be cleaning my air vents at regular intervals in the future, but I think my mother has convinced me that it is more or less a good idea to clean them every now and then.

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