Moving to the country requires setting up a gym

I was super excited to buy a house and get my family out of the city.

My wife and I were determined to provide our kids a sizable backyard where they could play.

The kids were eager to get a dog and had been begging for a swimming pool. I was anxious to escape the traffic, noise and lack of privacy. We bought an older farmhouse that provides lots of square footage, property and historical charm. My wife likes having a wide back porch where she can drink her morning tea, admire her gardens and watch the birds at the feeders. I am happy to have covered parking and a workshed where I can store my tools and work on various projects. The only drawback of our new home is that we’re a considerable distance from the amenities of the city. We are forced to drive over thirty minutes to access a grocery store, gas station or restaurant. It’s further than that to see a movie. My biggest complaint is being such a long drive from the nearest gym I decided to quit my membership. I just don’t have the time for the long commute. It’s too much time for the sake of workout. I had to figure out a way to exercise at home. Initially, I was happy to just head out on long runs or ride my bike. However, we are set up in an area where the weather rarely allows outdoor workouts. It was necessary to invest in an indoor home gym. The house is certainly big enough to provide an extra room for my workout gear. I quickly learned that exercise equipment is expensive. I’ve had to add to my inventory slowly. At first, I managed with nothing more than a yoga mat, some dumbbells and a jump rope.

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