My favorite band

I prefer rock rock n roll while our friend, Dawn, enjoys jazz; Because the two of us have such strange tastes in rock n roll, the two of us seldom go to concerts together.

  • Then the two of us heard of a a touring band that was coming to town.

This was the first band I had ever heard of which played almost every type of rock n roll. If they lived up to expectations, this concert would surely be a crowd pleaser. So Dawn and I bought ourselves tickets.The locale was an auditorium in the center of town. The two of us had been here before and knew they had a fairly dependable laboring Heating and A/C system, complete with air handlers and more. It was Summer time so the two of us made sure to find seats below the air vents. The two of us were so blissful by the first area of the show, that everybody was applauding and begging for more. This was a definitely fantastic band. At intermission time, the two of us chose to go to get snacks and returned to our seats. It was then that the two of us realized that the vents were no longer spilling cool air. Dawn and I tried to adjust them however nothing changed. By then, most buyers had begun complaining about the sudden lack of air conditioner. Then the stage lights came on and the two of us were momentarily distracted as the band began playing again. The two of us the two of us able to see then that some important fans had been put in locale all over the auditorium, to compensate for the disabled Heating and A/C system, but obviously, the management had had A/C issues before and were well prepared to cope with such an emergency. All in all, the two of us had a definitely fantastic night.


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