My sister is going crazy

Sporadically I think that my mom is going crazy, then ever since my mom turned 73, she has advertised some erratic behavior, however at first, all of us thought she was increasing to retirement! Now all of us are concerned that Mom can’t be left alone, but last week, mom disappeared into town all day; My sibling called her on the cell iphone more than six or more than seven times, as well as she did not answer; Her voice mailbox was full, so all of us could not even leave a message, but when my mom finally appeared later at home, most people was distraught as well as concerned. My mom did not see the trouble, as well as she thought all of us were being ridiculous. Yesterday, my wife as well as I stopped to see my mom after church, and the people I was with and I took the boys as well as planned to take Mom for a nice Sunday supper. When all of us arrived in the afternoon, mom was still in her pajamas; She was covered in dirt as well as dust. Mom explained that she spent most of the afternoon trying to service the gas furnace. My mom said the gas furnace wasn’t heating, but she did not want to call a professional, i gave to look at the gas furnace. I walked down the basement stairs as well as I observed that the gas furnace was off. I told my mom to turn on the gas furnace, so I could listen for any noises. My mom refused to turn on the gas furnace, because she was scared. It took more than two minutes to calm my mom down, as well as 15 minutes for me to realize that the temperature control was the complication all along. It might be time for my mom to sell the house as well as transfer in with my wife as well as I.

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