My Window A/C is a Dream

I live in a part of the world where the Winter time weather seems to last forever. The people I was with and I certainly need to tighten up the home and beginning up the gas furnace sometime before Halloween. The people I was with and I are faced with rapidly increasing temperatures down into the negatives and about a ton of snow until at least early April. It’s not all that odd to have several inches of snow on the ground for Easter. We’ve already had a bit of a mini blizzard on Mother’s Day. I am always eager for the weather to warm up. Because the summer time season doesn’t last as many months as we would prefer, it’s not worth investing in a central air conditioning system. The people I was with and I can certainly get by with box fans and window a/cs. In fact, I completely love my window a/c. I can’t wait to carry it down from the attic and put it into the window. The whole pr its necessary. I entirely need it. I love to keep my kitchen especially cool for baking. I find that the noise of the a/c helps me sleep. It drowns out the noises of traffic, barking dogs, noisy neighbors and early day birdies. Having the a/c running also circulates and filters the air. It keeps the kitchen beautifully fresh and I don’t need to wipe as frequently. With a cordless remote, I’m able to adjust temperature and fan speed without even getting up in the morning. The cooling component is charmingly compact, lightweight and really energy efficient. I get it running when I head to bed in the evening and only run it until I get up at about 8:00 a.m. Having the window a/c operating costs me entirely little.

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