No Zone Control in my daughter’s house

My daughter lives down south where it is always hot.

It was the beginning of June, and I wanted to go visit her.

My husband and told me he would there when I got back. He was enjoying the still cool air of our area. I was getting ready to get off the plane, when they announced the landing and it was a balmy, sunny day with temperatures in the mid-nineties and we should enjoy our stay. My daughter was waiting for me, to take me home, and she was talking about swimming in her pool and having BBQ’s by the pool. I smiled, but I didn’t say anything because I hate the heat. With it being this hot, I wasn’t going to be going anywhere there wasn’t air conditioning. I had come to visit her and her family, and not to go swimming. She had my bedroom all ready for me, when I arrived. Her house was cool and I could hear the air conditioning and feel the air coming from the air vents. We got to my room, she told me she had set up a fan for me. I asked her where the air vents are and she told me to just leave the door open during the day and the air conditioning would flow into the room. They had not had the Zone Control set up when they had the AC unit set up. She told me the fan would work to keep me cool while I was sleeping. I had to admit she was right about the fan, but I had to leave the door open all night.

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