Putting heat in our garage

One of my favorite things is when people redo their homes and make them more modern.

There is something about new stuff that makes me swoon.

My mom recently installed new garage doors. The ones we had were pretty old and needed to be replaced for sure. So, since we decided to replace the doors, we also decided to maybe redo the garage itself. We are deciding to make it a place we can actually park now. One of the coolest features that my mom is going to put in there is heat. She wants to have a heated garage for her car and I think that is wonderful. I think that is probably one of the best things I have heard of. She had to contact our local HVAC company to consult with him the types of heating we could put in there for the winter time. We kind of wanted to be able to control it separately since it would need to be set completely different with it being more outside than the basis of our home. Ultimately, we had decided that all we needed was to do a zone control system. This allowed us to use the exact same HVAC system for the entire house. However, there would be a separate thermostat just for the garage. This would allows us to only control the garage. It would rather be a separate component. It was rather easy to install too. If you are interested in the same thing, don’t hesitate to call your local HVAC company. They will help you to make your garage a great place for your car and home!

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