Really done with it all

All of us thought our search for the perfect house was finally over.

It had been over many weeks and twenty something houses and the people I was with and I were just ready to end the madness.

Most homes were either overpriced or complete dumps. Some of the owners had gone to great lengths to cover up problems but the house inspector the people I was with and I hired was fantastic at searching them out and allowing us to avoid disaster. When the people I was with and I finally found an awesome house, in the perfect location, the people I was with and I couldn’t guess our luck. The apartment inspector went through the whole thing and didn’t entirely see any yellow flags so told us the people I was with and I were ok to proceed. All of us scheduled the final walk through and the closing would be 2 nights later. During that final walk through I noticed that there was a small spot of water on the basement floor. The owner said that they had spilled something moving some final items so I didn’t entirely guess much of it. Then, when the people I was with and I were looking over the papers at closing, our attorney noticed an asterisk next to the oil furnace notes. There was not explanation under it so he asked what that meant. The owners looked obviously nervous at that point and I got an bad feeling in the pit of our stomach. The sellers then admitted that the water spot I had seen was a result of a leak in the boiler system. They had it repaired but they could not guarantee that the people I was with and I would not have problems in the near future. Neither our wife or I wanted any headaches from the Heating plus A/C system as it is a single of the most luxurious items in your home, then it was back to the search and the people I was with and I walked away from that deal.

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