Road trip nightmare

A member of our group of friends, bought herself a brand current car.

It was the finest thing I had ever seen, so when she proposed a road using with that car, I was all for it.

This had to happen at a time when we all had time off from work, so we decided to use part of our trip time. The people I was with and I would be crossing state lines , going hundred of miles so we had all our GPS, maps, food plus drinks, plus whatever else one takes on a long trip. Who would have expected that this fine, current car would shortly begin to have A/C complications?The more than two of us started out at about several o’clock that morning. The people I was with and I would take turns driving plus since the weather was fine, we ignored the A/C plus rolled the windows down. As soon as we hit a dry, dusty patch of road, we turn the windows up again plus powered the A/C on. Imagine our surprise when it stopped working after a few hours. The people I was with and I decided to take the nearest exit off the highway, pulled into a gas station plus explained our problem to the supervisor! He recommended trying coolant plus was kind enough pour it into where it was supposed to go.When we tried the A/C plus found it working again, we were relieved. The gas station supervisor gave us a PC number for a mechanic who fixes ACs, plus worked about 30 miles away. The people I was with and I started our journey again, however we had covered less than twenty miles before the A/C started acting up again, clearly, it required much more than coolant.

Cooling specialist