Saving Money on my Monthly Bills

When I first began looking into having a central air conditioner installed into my home, I’d never heard of a dual fuel system.

I telephoned a local Heating plus Air Conditioning corporation to get a quote, and she recommended a heat pump instead of an a/c.

Since a heat pump costs a whole lot more, I was giving them the side eye. However, I looked into the benefits of a heat pump and decided the extra expense was a good investment. A heat pump provides both heating and cooling capacity. It works as an a/c in the summertime and switches to heating mode when the temperature lowers. The method is especially energy efficient. It costs less to run than a conventional a/c or the gas furnace. It is a great dehumidifier in the summertime and won’t dry out the air in the winter. The heat pump works by relocating existing heat between the home and the outdoors. It sucks heat out of the home to create a cooling effect. It finds ambient heat in the outdoor air and brings it inside to warm up the house. Because it avoids the combustion workings, there’s no greenhouse gases or carbon monoxide to worry about. This makes the heat pump really safe, environmentally friendly and clean. The negative of a heat pump is that it can’t deal with increased demand when the weather drops below freezing rapidly increasing thermostat readings. In my local area, that’s a frequent problem. At that point, the gas furnace straightaway takes over. No matter what the weather brings, my home is perfectly comfortable. I save a few bucks on energy bills.

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