Saving Up for Modern HVAC

When the two of us first purchased our townhome, the two of us were entirely aware of the age and bad shape of the heating and cooling system.

It is a packaged component that is situated outside.

The equipment is huge, dented and rusted. The operation is loud but the method has worked well. The people I was with and I expected to need to replace the method within the year. We’ve now been residing in the home for several years and until recently, experienced no problems at all. It provides plenty of cooling while the two of us were in the long boiling summers and manages pretty well in the winter. In heating mode, it struggles a bit if the temperature drops down below freezing. Fortunately, severe frosty is rare in this area. This past summer, the two of us have noticed that the cooling method was always running, making its correct noises but not giving us any cool air. When I called for repair, I assumed I’d be told that it was time to go ahead and get a whole modern system. The specialist found a small refrigerant leak. She said the component is too old to be able to purchase replacement parts. She added refrigerant and recommended that the two of us see what happens. It’s possible the component will operate satisfactorily for another several years. It’s also possible that it will require another repair next month. I have started saving currency toward a modern heating/cooling system. I know that eventually we’ll be looking at paying the cost of purchase and upgrade. I’d love to be able to purchase a high-efficiency, Energy Star rated component that will lower our biweekly energy bills. I am saving up to be able to upgrade to some advanced features such as zone control as well as adaptable speed technology.

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