Sometimes schedules can be hard when you are married to an HVAC technician

Sometimes working out schedules can really be a hard thing to do whenever you are married to an HVAC technician.

It’s one of those things that I have learned the hard way after being married to an HVAC technician for the past 20 years.

We have had to learn how to work things out between us over the years. He is always doing work whenever I think that he shouldn’t, but he always says that he can’t help it. I guess he has to go to work whenever his boss says that he has to, but sometimes I think that he volunteers so that he will have to go. Sometimes I think that he wants to get out of family gatherings, especially when it’s something that we are supposed to be doing with my family. I know that he isn’t sad about getting out of some of the family dinners and parties that my side of the family has every now and then. My husband doesn’t really try to hide the fact that he would rather not participate in things like that most of the time. I know that HVAC technicians have to be on call once in a while, and so I usually just let it go whenever he says that he has to work. I try to stay out of it and I try not to fight with him about it unless I just can’t help it. But the scheduling thing is really difficult sometimes. HVAC technicians really have to work a lot of hours, and we have to plan around that a lot.

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