The drain line needed to be cleaned

Ever since I was a kid, I have had long thick hair.

My mom and my dad both have thick hair too.

There are lots of pictures of my dad when he was young and he had a lot of long hair. My long hair was never a problem until recently. I had to contact a local plumbing contractor when the drain line needed to be cleaned. I had a hair stopper in the drain of the shower to keep the hair from going down the drain. I thought that it was working well, but it was only catching about 1/10 of the hair that was eventually going down the drain and through the plumbing line. The plumber found a lot of problems close to the house, so they were relatively easy to fix. It took the plumber about a half an hour to clean out the drain line and there was a lot of hair and soap scum. I was disgusted and ashamed to see the condition of the drain line. I asked the plumber if he could recommend anything to help with the problem. He gave me the name of a couple different items that are known to keep dirt and hair from entering the plumbing lines. It wasn’t cheap to have the drain line clean and cleared and 6 months later I had to contact the plumbing contractor again because the same problem was happening. This time the plumber looked further down the drain line and found a couple of problems that he did not see the first time. He ended up taking 30% off the bill because the problem could have been his fault too.

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