The furnace repair technician noticed the dirty dryer vents

It’s really important to have a furnace tune-up perform each and every year.

A furnace performance tune-up can help your system work more efficiently and that will save you money year after year.

A furnace performance tune-up can include a lot of different parts of the system like the blower, heat exchanger, and other mechanical and electrical components. A lot of the parts of the furnace can suffer from wear and tear over time. When you have a trained and expert professional look at the system once every year, you can really catch some of the smaller problems before they do a lot of damage to the system. Worn belts or torn wires can cause the furnace to stop working. If the furnace breaks down overnight, that could be a disaster. There are some furniture repair businesses that do not offer after hours appointments. I am lucky to have a furnace repair business near me that offers 24-hour service, free estimates, and a price match guarantee. Last time I had the furnace repair technician here for a problem, the guy also noticed that I had dirty dryer air vents. I can’t remember the last time I had the air vents cleaned. He told me that they had a simple way to take care of the problem and he could help me schedule a service for the following day. I had the furnace tune up one day and the next day the same technician came out to the house to clean the dryer vents and all of the ductwork inside of the house.


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