The heating appliance needed a serious repair

I will try to be better prepared next year

There is nothing more horrible than me being completely unprepared for an emergency. I have some buddies of mine that I actually know personally that seem to prepare for everything. A blizzard coming? They have stocked back supplies. A food shortage is coming? They have stocked back food. I honestly know for a fact they have tons of cans of food stocked away, and get lost in the middle of nowhere? They happen to have maps conveniently for that location. Invasion by aliens? They somehow have some sort of superweapon that can destroy the alien mothership. Okay, back to reality, they seem to be prepared for everything! Me on the other hand, I am never prepared for anything, and especially emergencies. This was the case when our heating appliance died right in the middle of the cold season. This was no small issue because the temperature outside already dropped into the negatives and without a heating appliance I was going to freeze. I had to reach out to the emergency Heating and A/C services so a heating and cooling appliance worker could come out and repair our heater. The heating and A/C specialist informed me that the heating appliance had died as a result of not having any upgrades or tune-ups. Then I remembered that I forgot to have the upgrades actually scheduled for that year. All I could do was facepalm as I was able to realize with my forgetful memory, that was the reason why I was in this situation to begin with. I will try to be better prepared next year. Thankfully I have awesome friends that allowed myself and others to stay with them during the duration that our heating appliance was being repaired. Once our heating appliance had been successfully repaired by the Heating and A/C specialist everybody was able to return back to the dwelling the following afternoon and continue to enjoy the heat.

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