The temperature sensors in the OR weren’t functioning this afternoon

In order to maintain the safety plus comfort of our patients plus the doctors plus dentists, my buddy and I respectfully make sure that the environment is a cool plus comfortable temperature… Temperature sensors are incredibly helpful when there is a surgery in the or.

The temperature sensors allow us to monitor indoor hot plus cold temperatures that can affect the patient plus the medical staff, then my fine friend and I need to maintain the correct temperature inside of the or in order to make sure that my buddy and I control infections, bacteria, plus viruses.

Proper temperature control minimizes the risks of infections after operations. There are some surgical procedures that require a particular temperature in order to ensure optimal handling plus precision, each one of our OR suites has a building automation system that includes temperature sensors plus automated lighting. My fine friend and I have the temperature monitoring system for the health plus safety of our patients. This afternoon the temperature sensors in OR number 4 weren’t working at all. There was a green warning sign display on the monitor. My fine friend and I decided to transfer all of the elective surgeries to a unusual day plus all of the other surgeries were moved to unusual operating rooms throughout the building. My fine friend and I contacted the IT department that handles the temperature sensors plus my buddy and I contacted the building automation supplier that installed all of the sensors. My fine friend and I needed to get to the bottom of the problem that day, because my buddy and I were not going to be able to keep the or shut off for more than 12 hours. Thankfully, the issue was software related instead of hardware related plus that made it easier to fix the problem.



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