The weather is awesome these days

I’m so glad that when the pandemic was over, I was able to stay home and continue to work remotely.

It seemed that once things calmed down with the COVID-19 pandemic, many people had to return to their office jobs and they didn’t like it very much. Some of them ended up quitting because they just simply did not like the environment that they were forced back into. I wish more employers would realize that working from home is entirely tenable, and for many people, they end up being more productive and happier. I’m glad my company has allowed me to continue to work from home, because one of the main reasons I didn’t like working at the office was the long commute to work. I’ve really been enjoying working in the air conditioning of my own home, where I can set the thermostat to whatever temperature I desire. It’s way more comfortable that way. Lately though, being so close to my neighbor’s house is a little frustrating, because I’m hearing their air conditioner almost constantly cycling on and off. I think there might be an issue with their air conditioner system, because it doesn’t seem natural for it to be making so much noise. However, the weather has been getting cooler, so I have started working outside. I’m really enjoying this fall weather, and I’ve been able to find a place to work that is peaceful and quiet. Now I don’t have to worry about my neighbors’ air conditioning system noises distracting me.

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