Trains with poor HVAC are my nightmare

My mother and I once took a train ride that took us 1100 miles north.

We loved taking all different kinds of transportation and trying them out, and the train was our last experience.

I still have dreams about that train ride. We were heading north from the deep south. We had a lovely visit with my daughter and my mother was looking forward to her first train ride. We got on the train and it was really quite comfortable. We had been travelling for about three hours, when the air conditioning quit working. This wasn’t too bad because it was cool in the train. I had recently went back and purchased a blanket for my mom. Now she was quite comfortable without the air conditioning. Half way through the trip, the heating came on. It got so hot on the train, that even my cold blooded mom, was sweating. The train was full to capacity and the stench of sweat was in the air. I tried turning on the air vents overhead, but nothing was happening. We couldn’t even open a window. When I asked why I couldn’t get so airflow with the window, the conductor just gave me an odd look and told me that someone may want to commit suicide. My mom said he was kidding, but I’m sure stranger things had happened. That train ride was over five years ago, and whenever I hear a train whistle, I think about that train ride. The air conditioning and the climate control were horrible and enough to give me nightmares, buy my mom loved it.

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