Turned out that we had to get a new heat pump

When I moved my family to the South, I wasn’t even thinking about what kind of HVAC system we would need. I thought the HVAC that came with the house would be fine enough, until the first summer when the cooling system quit working. The HVAC was actually called a heat pump and I learned that when the HVAC technician came out to help us. He let us know that we had to go for a new heat pump replacement if we wanted to be comfortable in our home. So we coughed up the money needed for a new heat pump. The HVAC expert was nice and even explained to me how the heat pump functions when I asked. It’s because I never heard of a heat pump before and I figured it was because I wasn’t from the South. This seems to be where most people use this style of HVAC system. They explain that the heat pump is the best and most energy efficient way to provide cooling to the home, and being in the South, you absolutely need to focus on your cooling bills. I’ve learned all sorts of energy saving tips like using blackout curtains to keep the sun from heating up the inside of your home and cooking outdoors as often as possible. After getting the new heat pump installed, we have been having no issues, and it really is amazing how well the heat pump works to provide cooling. It’s just on the scorching hot days, we have to be a little miserable because it’s not a good idea to crank the cooling system too hard, unless you want costly energy bills and a system that breaks down.


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