We had an issue with the air quality at home

I was actually surprised when my wife said that we needed to improve the air quality in our home.

She told me that whenever she was vacuuming and dusting, there was dust floating around everywhere and she found herself doing these chores far more often with little effect in improving the air quality.

I thought the air filters we were using were fine, and I was changing them regularly, but evidently they were not good enough. I ended up calling an HVAC business to see what we could do. The HVAC worker who came out told us about all sorts of solutions for our problem with poor air quality. He said the most important thing was to get our ductwork cleaning done. He said by the look of the HVAC vents, it seemed that there was a great deal of dust build-up, and there were probably clogs throughout the ductwork system. He also told us about other solutions like air purification systems. He said we could even get portable air purifiers to take to different rooms as needed. I was more interested in the whole-home air purification system to be honest. I also thought it would be nice to have the UV light since it kills harmful pathogens and bacteria. So we ended up having the ductwork system cleaned and we had a new UV air purification system installed. I also started using air filters with a higher MERV rating. So far, the air quality has been amazing, way better than it was previously. My wife is also happy that she doesn’t have to dust so much because it was becoming very tedious.

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