Wear and tear on HVAC equipment

Shopping in the south is wonderful.

You get to walk outside most of the time and enjoy the weather.

All stores are connected to each other but you must walk from store to store outside. This is the perfect thing to do on a warm day. While it is warm outside you can go inside the store to cool down. One thing you don’t think about is how much air conditioning these stores are running. Some stores run air conditioning but they leave their front doors open. I think they leave them open to let customers know the air conditioning is on. They think it will make customers come into their store. The air conditioner will constantly be running allowing for a lot of wear and tear on the HVAC equipment. This can cause a lot of problems. The HVAC equipment will need to be repaired more frequently. Hopefully they are also cleaning their filters regularly is not more often. There will be a lot of dirt build up. If you are going to run an HVAC system the often and that hard, you need to make sure it is looked at frequently. Air conditioners were made to keep our homes and stores cool. Air conditioners were not made to run 24 hours a day. The less you have to run the HVAC unit the longer your HVAC equipment will last. When the store’s HVAC unit needs a repair, maybe they will think about how hard they are working the HVAC unit. They will need to make smarter choices in how they run their air conditioning. The HVAC unit will not last forever and in their case, it will certainly not last long.



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