Where did winter go?

Just two weeks ago, we had sixteen inches of snow on the ground and the daytime temperatures were in the upper twenties.

I woke up this morning to heavy rains, the weather predicting temperatures near seventy, and sun for the afternoon.

I was wondering where winter had gone so quickly. My furnace hadn’t turned on for two days and I was thrilled. What surprised me was that it made me think about summer. I realized it was almost mid-April and I was going to need to call the HVAC company. I had to have my air conditioning unit serviced so it was in working condition before I needed it. If it was near seventy today, I knew that in a couple weeks it would be near eighty. I wasn’t thrilled to think that in less than a month I could possibly need the air conditioning, and I almost forgot to have it serviced. I made a mental note to call the HVAC company when I got up in the morning. When I awoke the next morning, the house was chilled and I looked out to see frost. I turned the thermostat up to hear the gentle roar of the furnace as it started running. Within a few short minutes, I could feel the heat coming from the air vents. Once again, the HVAC company was forgotten and the air conditioning was going to go on the back burner until I heard another weather report with higher temperatures. Later that afternoon, I changed my mind and picked up the phone. If I was putting off calling for AC service, how many other people were doing the same thing?



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