A bad restaurant experience

About two years ago, 1 of my gal pals set myself and others up on a blind date with 1 of her friends. She showed me his picture, entirely handsome! He and I were tied up to meet at the coolest modern eating establishment in the city, “cool” is not how I would’ve described it, more on that later. I was a big emotional wreck; I wasn’t able to figure out what to wear, however I finally settled on a light gray dress. When I find a place to park at the eating establishment- 30 minutes early, yikes! – the first thing I noticed was how overheated it was inside. I looked at their temperature control; it was set to 60 degrees however there was no chance that it was 60 degrees in that eating establishment. What was the problem with their air conditioning? I could feel sweat building up, I tugged on my dress to cool off, but it was not worth it. Any lady who has style knows that light gray dress + busted cooling system = pit stains. When my date arrived, he was wearing a activities coat—which he had unfastened by the time we’d reached our table. We were sitting sat right beneath a vent that was pumping out overheated air. “What’s wrong with their cooling system?” my date finally asked. “I have no idea,” I replied. “How about all of us get out of here?” he said, “Let’s go somewhere where we’re not eating in a furnace.” I was so relieved to get out of there that I nearly sprinted out the door. In case you were wondering, that hunky date is now my spouse and my child just finished getting certified to become an Heating plus A/C serviceman. Coincidence? I think so.

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