AC could be better

Recently, I have been having some obnoxious problems with my air conditioner.

It’s not old, really.

I’ve had it at the house for several years however it’s not on its last legs or anything anywhere near that. I properly change the air filters and get my air duct cleaned all the time. It wasn’t any of the official suspects. Honestly, it wasn’t even broken, I felt it just wasn’t up to snuff. I called the Heating and Air Conditioning corporation and did my best and explained the issue. The cooling system specialist on the line simply told myself and others that my air conditioner might just happen to need a tune-up or need something repaired. An Heating and Air Conditioning serviceman finally came later that month to check out my air conditioner once and for all. I explained to him that it was finally working ok however that it just wasn’t effectively cooling off as fast or as much as it used to and that I had been noticing this fact over the last few weeks or so. After running some diagnostics with his tools on my air conditioner, he said that the cooling system repair was pretty easy that day; I had a little freon leak. That seemed so easy that I felt kind of insane. The trusty Heating and Air Conditioning serviceman explained that it’s not a massive deal for anyone and it happens to a lot of “middle aged” air conditioners and that’s why it’s always crucial to have these air conditioner tune-ups every few years or so just in order for someone to make sure the cooling system is running properly and efficiently. Now, the air quality has been back where it should be.



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