Car with a better HVAC device

Being a very large family has its challenges, and as a little kid, I consistently dreamed of having a lot of children in my next family, but nobody told myself and my wife about the everyday things that would be an issue! For example, our large family can’t walk into a diner and be seated right away. All of us either have to call an hour before, or wait for them to find enough table space; When we all travel, we need to get numerous hotel rooms, because there’s simply not enough space in one. All of us also had to trade in our tiny cars and upgrade to a greater truck when both of us had our next kid, then it took us awhile to find the perfect vehicle for our larger than life family. First, my wife and I tried using an old minivan, but our children consistently complained about the lack of heating and air in the very back seats; There was only one set of temperature controls on the front of the car, and a numerous tiny vents in the hour row of seats. It was so bad, that our children started having issues over who would sit where in the van on a weekly basis, and leaving the apartment was at all times a fight, and tears were consistently shed! My wife and I decided to upgrade to a newer SUV instead. We’ve only had the new vehicle for a few days, but it’s been such a relief! There are climate controls up front and in the back numerous rows; Our children can control the temperature themselves and there are more ventilation.


New HVAC technology