I don't know why more companies don't let people work at home

I’m so happy that my employer has decided that those who wish to continue working at home after the covid-19 pandemic are more than welcome to do so! During the pandemic, when most of our employees were forced to be at home, I discovered that I had an affinity for working from home.

I feel that my company has greatly benefited from allowing employees to work from home, and I am confused as to why more companies don’t adopt this policy.

For many people, working from home is a much more comfortable and a much more productive situation for them. One thing I certainly didn’t like about having to go to an office is the long commute to work in the morning. Over the summer months, I have to say that I was very comfortable working from home. It was quite hot outside, and being able to set a comfortable temperature on my thermostat has been really nice. That’s a great perk right there in and of itself: being able to dictate what temperature is on the thermostat as you work. I think my neighbors might be having a problem with their air conditioning system though. I hear their A/C cycle on and off far too often, and it is quite distracting while I’m trying to get my work done. The houses in my neighborhood are quite close together, so I hear all sorts of noise from next door, but most often, it’s the air conditioner. Maybe it wasn’t properly sized for their home. Anyway, I just simply purchased noise canceling earphones so that I would be able to focus on my work and not hear the noise from the air conditioner so much.


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